J'adore Classic Train Set

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Let your child’s imagination run wild with JAdore Wooden Playset!
Create endless possibilities of imaginative play with J'ADORE WOODEN FIGURE 8 CLASSIC TRAIN SET created and designed by Quercia-Delvigne.
This wooden toy set includes
Wooden rails to create a figure 8,
4 train carriages,
traffic sign and some figurines with trees and a house.
Building and playing with train sets help children at a young age gain skills like problem solving and sequencing all in a natural setting.
It is durable to last and powered strictly on imagination and facilitates creative play.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Non-toxic, sustainable wood and safe for your child!
Suitable for ages: 3+ years.

Toys from different careers and areas of life stimulates a child's imagination and encourage role play.
Bring out the imagination and creative play with J'ADORE Play Sets created and designed by Quercia-Delvigne.
This nature wood toy set has everything a child needs to explore a creative mind.