Dickie Fire Tanker 55cm

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Race to the rescue with the futuristic fire engine from Dickie Toys!
There’s no limit to a child's imagination – that’s why toys need to be creative and innovative. This futuristic and transformable Fire Tanker from Dickie Toys does just that, and makes a perfect gift for fans of feature-packed toys.

In addition to a stunning and detailed design, the fire engine also has space for up to six vehicles that can be ejected by pressing a button. As you’d expect from a fire-fighting vehicle, the fire engine can also carry water.

The vehicle is equipped with small, easily detachable water containers that can be filled with water and sprayed during fire-fighting missions. There is also a lever for firing projectiles. Spare projectiles can be found in the front of the vehicle.

In addition, the 55 cm long vehicle has two mechanical moving arms with a grip function, which can be used to lift heavy loads. There is also a pull-out storage space for accessories, vehicles and troopers. Other highlights include light and sound effects and rotating wheels.

Just like on real rescue missions, the Rescue Hybrids are more effective when they work together. For this reason, the helicopter can be combined with other vehicles from the Rescue Hybrid series so that you’re well equipped for action-packed rescue missions!

Another highlight is the built-in team sound function – when this is activated, the individual vehicles recognize each other and play the Rescue Hybrid team sound.

• Futuristic fire tanker with fold-out function
• Light and sound effects
• Dimensions: 55 cm
• Includes 2x 1.5 V AAA (R03) batteries
• Can be combined with Sky Patroller and Police Bot
• Suitable for children aged 3 and above.